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Battlestar Redactica: an alternate season 4.5
battlestar redactica
CVM Productions presents Battlestar Redactica, a fan-edited, non-profit transformative work designed to offer a coherent alternative to the final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

Material from all episodes is incorporated and re-arranged to create new storylines and significantly change many of the emotional emphases.

This project is designed as a celebration and reclaimation of an extraordinary story. When answers reduce rather than inspire, we can always ask more questions.

Anything you find here can be freely redistributed or linked, wherever, whenever, however, although I would take it as a personal favour if you did not take credit for having created it yourself.

My deepest thanks to my friends who supported me in this project and put up with the thousand drafts I threw at them.

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Battlestar Redactica.

1. Sometimes a Great Notion. (AIRED EPISODE)

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2. Battlestar Redactica: a Fan-edited Mutiny. (FAN-EDITED EPISODE)

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What the Frak Happened Official Recap.Collapse )

4. Battlestar Redactica: a Fan-edited Resurrection. (FAN-EDITED EPISODE)

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Also, I have attempted to compile a very basic FAQ in the post below (comments disabled). It is by no means exhaustive and I welcome any other questions you may have. I will do my best to answer and may add them to the FAQ.

Canonical Changes & What the Frak was that Opera House?!
battlestar redactica
It occurs to me that if this journal is going to serve as a comprehensive archive of this project, I ought to provide:

1) A complete(ish) list of canonical changes the fan-edits effect. I attempt to explain, briefly, some of the reasons behind these choices. They are, obviously, only my opinion. I also briefly explain how the changes were achieved (cuts/re-arrangement/theft of material from other episodes/voiceovers). This is not a record of every single cut/minor re-arrangement I made; there are several instances where I might have stolen a reaction shot from another episode, or merged two scenes together. This is an attempt to record the canonical changes and the broad ways in which I achieved this. The audio commentaries provide more detailed accounts.

2) An explanation of the new ending. Constraints of footage meant that I was unable to tell any coherent complete alternate ending, and ultimately the only thing I sought to conclusively convey was that the story was not over, that the questions were still exciting and inspiring, that we were leaving the story, in media res, on the brink of something enormous. I do, however, have my own interpretation of the ending, or what the Opera House and various prophecies mean, and how Resurrection answers these questions. For posterity, I shall record this here.

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So there you have it folks.

Kara brings about the Cybrid Apocalypse because she accepts she's half robot and lets Baltar tell the fleet she's half dead. Same way she accidentally woke up the Five and gave everyone creepy visions about the day she'd bring about the Cybrid Apocalypse, otherwise known as Hera Agathon's Bright, Shiny Future.

Hera is the Revolution.

Athena doesn't want her three year old to be the Revolution.

Caprica shows Hera the Cybrid Event Horizon, but Laura's not allowed to set foot in it.

The Opera House is all things alive, dead, human, cylon and generally out of its mind, but at least Sam Anders is there to welcome us.

Battlestar Redactica Music Video: Order in the Sound by Chaila43
battlestar redactica
I'd like to point everyone in the direction of the first ever Redactica-compatible music video!

Order in the Sound by chaila.

I understand that I'm biased but I think it's utterly fabulous. It centres on Kara and her journey in light of the re-edited finale, as a confused, destined, uncertain, musical hybrid child in the middle of an entropic universe that seems to be decaying down to a single moment in an Opera House no one is sure means anything good.

And it's glorious.

I'm so completely honoured that someone would want to make a vid specifically designed to be compatible with this project, much less that the vidder would be so talented and make something so wonderful.

Battlestar Redactica: DVD Extras
battlestar redactica
Hi all!

Well, five weeks later - almost as long as it took me to make the actual fan edits! - the DVD extras are here!

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Battlestar Redactica: FAQ
battlestar redactica
Comments are disabled as I'd rather keep all feedback for/queries about the project in the primary post (stickied). I'll update this post as it seems necessary, but for now here is a completely arbitrary FAQ!

1. Why did you do this?

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2. How did you do this?

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3. How long did this take you?

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4. Is this the best quality you have?

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5. Are you going to re-edit these when DVD footage becomes available?

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6. Are you planning to release a fan-edited DVD set?

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7. Are you planning to do anything further with this project?

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8. Can I upload this somewhere else? Share it elsewhere? Link it elsewhere?

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9. Why did you do X in Y episode? What did Z mean?

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10. I have another question you haven't answered!

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