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Battlestar Redactica: an alternate season 4.5
battlestar redactica
CVM Productions presents Battlestar Redactica, a fan-edited, non-profit transformative work designed to offer a coherent alternative to the final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

Material from all episodes is incorporated and re-arranged to create new storylines and significantly change many of the emotional emphases.

This project is designed as a celebration and reclaimation of an extraordinary story. When answers reduce rather than inspire, we can always ask more questions.

Anything you find here can be freely redistributed or linked, wherever, whenever, however, although I would take it as a personal favour if you did not take credit for having created it yourself.

My deepest thanks to my friends who supported me in this project and put up with the thousand drafts I threw at them.

How to Download.

Direct Downloads:

The fan-edits can be downloaded from Mediafire at the following links. Please note that they have been divided into smaller files to comply with Mediafire free account limitations. They can be recombined using HJSplit (available for Windows & Linux; alternative for Mac linked at that site).

A Fan-edited Mutiny (940 megs approx.)

A Fan-edited Resurrection (650 megs approx.)

Please let me know if these links go dead - I will reupload.

Deleted scenes, mockumentary, commentaries and DVD covers are available here.

Torrent Support:

Unfortunately, the service I was using to host and seed the .torrent file has ceased offering that service. Torrent support is therefore not currently available.

Battlestar Redactica.

1. Sometimes a Great Notion. (AIRED EPISODE)

What the Frak Happened Official Recap.

2. Battlestar Redactica: a Fan-edited Mutiny. (FAN-EDITED EPISODE)

Duration: 1:46:34

Presented in two parts due to free account limitations.

Part 1

Part 2


What the Frak Happened Official Recap.

4. Battlestar Redactica: a Fan-edited Resurrection. (FAN-EDITED EPISODE)

Duration: 1:09:12


Also, I have attempted to compile a very basic FAQ in the post below (comments disabled). It is by no means exhaustive and I welcome any other questions you may have. I will do my best to answer and may add them to the FAQ.

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I love this with all my heart. thank you.

Depending on interest I may do a podcast commentary for each fan-edit and/or a "gag reel/making of" mockumentary of the editing process.

DEAR GODS PLEASE. and then put them on the DVD as extras!

Hee! You're too kind - I think the Phantom Edit has far more of a claim to media history. :p

However, I'm so glad you love it! I can promise that it loves you back.

I really would like to do the commentary and the mockumentary. The mockumentary could totally go on the DVD as an extra; I'm a little more uncertain as to how I'd do the podcasts as neither of my DVD making programs have the ability to lay in additional audio tracks and there isn't enough space on the DVD to just put it on there twice. So I think I'd have to just offer the commentaries as extra downloads if I did them.

Yargh, megawhatsis will only let me watch 72 minutes in one day (for free--I always have the 'exciting' option of paying for the service). But it's been very compelling so far! I'm anxious to see what's next!

Yargh indeed! I apologise, I was not aware of that limitation. However, I do have a possible fix for you. I have edited the post above to include secondary download and streaming links using an anonymizing service that will, in theory, make megaupload think you're an entirely new person and that you haven't used any of your viewing allocation today. So you should be able to reupload the streaming version every 72 minutes and watch it that way.

I'm very glad to hear that you're enjoying to so far though! :D

Have you thought about sharing these via torrents? I know i'll never be able to download the files from megaupload. I can barely get 30mb downloaded....But it does look like a very interesting project! :)

I would love it if these were available via torrents, unfortunately I lack the capacity to seed them myself in any meaningful manner due to bandwidth limitations, so unless someone else decides to put them up there, it'll have to be direct downloads only for the moment. I am really sorry though. :(

Could the streaming work for you? I am potentially considering putting it up on YouTube if the megavideo streaming works poorly for people. I'd rather not because of the poor quality and having to chop it into ten minute chunks and the likelihood of it getting suspended shortly anyway, but it is something I'm considering if there's demand.

Ah, I just hit that 72-minute wall, but I love what you've done with this. So much less misplaced and sentimental schmoop! So much more plot, unpadded with mooning and longing looks! \o/

Yay! I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far and sorry for the upload limit. :(

I may try to work out that youtube option sooner rather than later if the anonymizer link isn't working for people. May I ask if you tried that?

Anyway, I'm glad that the it's working! It's great to know what people think!

AAAAH! You are so awesome!!!

What an undertaking.

I also support making-of and podcasts. Long live Redactica!


Thank you! Yes, it was a pretty major project but I still think the best response to the um, 4.5 situation.

Thanks for your support. Long live Redactica indeed! :D

Yay! I'm so happy for you that you were able to complete this to your satisfaction and I'm interested in hearing more about how that effects your lingering feelings toward the show as a whole.

It's entirely to your credit that when I watched I thought, "Hmm but not much is missing here." Because it's all the important pieces. I don't know that I'm a fan of Laura's flashbacks because they still seem rather pointless to me, but I appreciate that you were able to insert them in a way that allowed her to show vulnerability in the past and still be the hard-six-rolling Madame Airlock that we all knew and loved.

I admit that my continued irritation with the show's finale had me not wanting to see some parts again. So I fast forwarded to the end of part two. I liked Kara's concrete knowledge about Daniel and Sam's words about patterns and circles were much lovelier intercut with the other footage than just as a random one-shot to make us overlook that they turned him into a vegetable/sacrifice. I enjoy the way you conveyed that the cycles ARE doomed to repeat themselves as a concrete choice, even though I'd hoped the show was leading to a "they AREN'T doomed" conclusion.

I don't know if a more ambiguous ending with regards to these specific characters and their specific lives, as you have it here, would have been enough for me as the show's ending. But I admire your intent to create something that is ambiguous and open to interpretation in a good way rather than tied up with a simplistic answer that professes to be open to interpretation.

I also would love to see gag reel/mockumentary etc. extras!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this and leave such thoughtful feedback. I haven't forgotten about your reclaimation project and now that it's finished, I do intend to go catch up with it, hopefully in the near-future.

I'm glad that you think it hangs together. I think the "not much is missing here," feeling may stem largely from the Mutiny episode since I know you didn't watch the entirety of Redactica. And you're right - especially in Mutiny, the storyline is very linear and most of what I cut was fairly minor (the Hitei Khan jumping away and Adama blackmailing Zarek; the A/R romance subplot; Nicky as Hotdog's son; various short scenes or random Adama angst) and the only plotlines majorly affected by the changes was using the flashbacks for Gaius and Laura (and some re-arranging of the Laura plotline). It's in Resurrection that I do most of the wholesale rearranging of storylines, vast cutting and general refusal to buy into canon. :p

I appreciate that the flashbacks - especially Laura's - are not for everyone. If you're interested though, I'm happy to explain my reasons for using them. Mainly it was just because - ridiculous car accident aside - I liked them. I thought they were interesting in the context of the character, didn't change a great deal and were a blessed return to a character that felt like Laura Roslin in the midst of a pod-person season. Since I wasn't able give Laura a proper plotline in Resurrection, I really wanted to make the most out of her stuff in Mutiny. I thought here, at the "end", confronted with the mutiny as, partially, a result of her failures in leadership, and her own belief that she has failed as their leader, would be a good time to re-evaluate her relationship with politics and her personal relationships, especially revisiting the decision that put her on this path. In the end there is no easy conclusion and I feel that at the end she is still very much adrift and angry with herself for her failures, but I also hope that she still, at least, feels like Laura. Secondly, I confess, I wanted to mobilise the flashbacks in service to my other not-very-secret goal of moving away from A/R. Laura has left hotter men because it's not where she needs to be, or because she understands she can't use them to hide from her responsibilities, even when she isn't entirely sure she's worthy of those responsibilities any more. And also, yes, I did like that it was a way to combine Madame Airlock with a more...not necessarily vulnerable because she's no longer a grieving sister in this, but...funner side of the character?

I wasn't sure if this was the place to put feedback and not questions. But I guess it is, so here goes. :-) Oh, and I watched the whole thing. I did skim the teeniest bit through the end but I mostly watched it all.

Wow! I downloaded because I didn't know how to use the streaming option above. This is great! It's so interesting how editing can give the episodes such a different focus. I hadn't rewatched the canon eps in a while and it was good to see the good things in this episode again. Felix and Hoshi, Starbuck and Apollo, and the sheer drama of the mutiny.

I was surprised by the focus on Gaius here too. He definitely seems to have more guilt in your version and the audience gets more of a ray into how he's feeling. I really like the ending too. Sharp, crisp, and unapologetic. You can't get more decisive than Laura throwing away her pills.

Wow, the second part was really different! Very Cylony. I'm kind of still reeling from it so feedback is not as coherent as I'd like right now. It's funny when I watch it all together sometimes I forget what the canon of those last eps really was. I really liked the ending. It actually made me a bit misty. Very, very well done. I can see what your point of view and vision of the show was. If only everyone had the skills, I'd love to see what others would make in their version of the end!

Thanks for all of your hard work. I can tell it was a labor of love for the show and an affirmation that we each have our vision of what we saw and that that vision is true for us.

(Wow, I just read your above comments. That was Hera and Nicky? Caprica hiding out with Liam? Now I have to watch that ending again!)

Yup, this is the place for everything! :D

I'm glad you liked the mutiny episodes. I really enjoyed them (sans their treatment of Laura and the Nicky thing) the first time around so I'm glad I managed to keep that while still providing a slightly different focus. To be fair to the original text, I think simply watching it all at once helps with the drama. Most of the stuff I cut from the two actual mutiny episodes as opposed from "A Disquiet Follows my Soul" were fairly minor and often regarding tone (for instance, while I wanted to keep the sense he was in pain, I cut a fair amount of the more, imo, gratuitous and overwrought moments of Felix scratching at his leg as well as his final line that "it stopped" because I felt the show was treading unfortunately close to demonising the issue and I didn't like the idea that his leg was a "guilty conscience". I prefer the story with him understanding and accepting what's about to happen, but kind of unrepentant?)

I never really understood why Gaius was hallucinating them shooting Adama and feeling so very personally responsible for it so I'm glad that the flashbacks to the, like, biggest previous occasion when letting someone make it easy for him screwed everything worked well here. I always wanted to see Baltar actually make some progress and begin to understand his own flaws and try to correct them so I'm glad I managed to do some of that here.

And yay! I'm so glad you liked ending Laura's storyline on the pills. Half my betas thought I was a little crazy to love that like I did!

Yes, Resurrection is very different. It's largely cylony because I thought the cylony stuff was the only stuff really worth saving... But that could be my bias. I'm so pleased you like the ending though! It's such a...weird ending I know that public opinion will be very split, but it's gratifying to hear that you got something out of it.

I would just love to see other people's version of the ending. I dream of a future where disatisfied fans deluge the internet with a million permutations of the finale! Alas as you say, I think most people would be intimidated by such a project, although technically it wasn't quite as challenging as I was expecting, although it was time-consuming.

(Also yes, I kind of figured everyone would miss it, but in the "shape of things to come," section, the boy and girl at the end are supposed to be Hera and Nicky, though Hera doesn't look quite right, and there's a shot of Caprica turning her head and looking at a small blond boy slightly earlier and the intention is that that's Liam.)

(Deleted comment)
Yay! I'm kind of pleased you started with the finale actually because you're right, it's the biggest example of BIG CHANGES. And I also completely understand the way it again makes you want to stab the original. *stabs the original*

I'm glad you approve of hanging the whole thing off the piano playing. I agree that it is, essentially, the one thing that made me want to save post-No Exit 4.5. So since this entire project was basically an excuse to keep that and confirm Kara's hybrid status, it made sense to use it as the backbone of the episode. Well that and the fact that the plotline as a long, meandering "time is passing" type story made it a good choice too.

You have NO IDEA (well okay you probably do) how much I wish I could have done more with Laura. I kept trying to work out how I could keep the only decent thing she DID have to do: Boomer's extradition. But since I was cutting that plotline it would have seemed tonally odd to have Boomer getting extradited and then not show that Laura was actually right all along.

I'm so pleased that you like Sam's speech there and feel it's tonally consistant with what came before. I'm not entirely sure it's clear (because, well, how could I make it so) but I was at least trying to suggest that when Caprica sees the final five in the Opera House, that's when Sam joins the altered consciousness discussion. Maybe there's some kind of revelation hidden in his words. Anyway, I'm just so happy you understand my conviction that VAGUE REOCCURANCE OF AWESOME WOMEN AND ONE CYLON DUDE HAVING MYSTIC VISIONS TO MAGIC MUSIC WITHOUT QUITE AN EXPLANATION > WHAT WE ACTUALLY GOT. Thank you for the feedback.

As to the fourth wall break, you get EXACTLY what I was trying to do. I mean, I wasn't precisely trying to do what the show did but better because I wanted to keep the show's connection with our Earth vague (and in that I think I probably failed because of the iconic nature of the Earth reveal by now), but essentially yes, I wanted to suggest that there WAS a connection and then I wanted to do a montage of our evolution and technology and evoloution of technology that was more measured less anti-intellectual than what we got. And yeah, I thought starting with the cave painting/hieroglyphics was a good idea because, well, I have no hope of conveying this in the montage and honestly I wasn't trying to, but the one thing that the finale made me want to scream about was the fact that we've ALWAYS used technology. We evolved freaking opposable thumbs specifically for this. It is our evolutionary niche so asking us not to use it is like asking cheetahs not to run really fast. It's...dumb. We are intelligent enough to police our use and development of tech and really, that might be necessary, but to not use it at all? It's actually kind of impossible.

I apologise for making you sit through the Bill scene again! And for my own amusement at your issues with it!

I included it for two reasons.

1) Adama was the ONLY character in the entirety of season four who I felt uncomfortable "making awesome again" (not that I thought he was but you know what I mean). Because I really liked that everyone else finally realised what a giant ass he is. And I find that scene FUCKING HILARIOUS. So I was like...being a little mean there but also it was the genuine culmination of his arc in this. It would have been weird without it, narratively, I think.

2) While I have no idea how well this comes across, I wanted to give that scene an actual narrative point in that it's what eventually convinces him that no, he can't handle centurions on his ship and he will, in fact, give guns to Baltar's people. Which I at least feel works a little better after all of that buildup than the original episode where he just up and does it?

Anyway, I LOVE your ramble! I hope you like Mutiny! I'll keep you posted on DVD extras! :D

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
What an amazing undertaking! I'm in awe, both of your consistent vision, and how well you executed it. Like others have said, I didn't realize how much filler was in those mutiny episodes until I realized that you covered all the parts I remembered (i.e., that were memorable) in about half the time. And for having to sync conflicting soundtracks, the flashbacks actually fit in nicely. Likewise with the scenes out of order, and how thematically they still seemed to fit.

I'd list all the changes that I loved, but that would take too long...we were mostly on the same page with regards to what "should" have happened, I think. ;-)

That being said, I have to be honest and say that your ending left me very cold. Though many travesties were committed on the road to it, the main part of the finale of BSG felt thematically perfect to me. Extract the themes (the "divine" force, Earth, forgiveness, destiny, the cycle) from the crap surrounding them (hybrid!Sam, Cavil suicide, Boomer's boomerang alliances, robots dancing, losing the technology, plus the earlier stuff you excised) and that's how I think/feel the show is, and will be, in my mind. So I know you have every right to end it how you like, but I'll just say that I loved all the changes, but I still prefer the ultimate end and message from canon. (As a diehard Kara fan, I'll admit that part of this is me preferring that she have an awesome destiny.)

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I'm especially pleased the conflicting soundtrack issue wasn't too distracting. As ahuge fan of Bear McCreary's score I did feel like something of a butcher at times!

I do understand your preference for the ultimate canonical ending even though I don't share it. Essentially I think our differences are only a matter of balance, in that I found too much I didn't like to keep what I did whereas for you it sounds like you can concentrate on what you did rather than what you didn't. And in that respect, I am nothing but jealous of you. ;)

I suppose to briefly digress into why I felt as I did from your list of issues, I thought the divine force I'd enjoyed throughout the series was explicated to a point where it was no longer mystical and instead became nonsensical, that the veneer of forgiveness fell down because the finale generally vindicated horrific, murderous personal vengeance (Tory, Boomer, perhaps even Cavil), the destiny likewise felt too easy and while I love the idea we're all descended from Hera, I was left confused by the show's sudden backtrack on a race of hybrids and still feel that nuked Earth as a red herring was a little cheap.

Ultimately, something I wanted to convey with "The Shape of Things to Come" at the end was that this episode isn't the end. They still have things to discover. Kara still has a crazy awesome destiny to fulfill. Answers still need to be obtained.'s all out there, about to start. A sense of possibility.

So I absolutely get your preference for a firm ending and why you like a lot of the thematic moments in the finale. I'm also (obviously!) very glad that you got something out of the experience of watching this. ;)

Thanks again for takign the time to let me know!

I am downloading the second part even as we speak and can't wait to watch this. I do hope you do some DVD some ways I'm really curious about a fan reaction so strong that it results in this huge, huge labor (of love? of despair? of hope?).

Thank you for taking the time and I do recommend the download for the best viewing experience! I hope you enjoy it.

I'm really curious about a fan reaction so strong that it results in this huge, huge labor (of love? of despair? of hope?).

All three?

I know this might sound contradictory but I'm as curious as you are, and no, having actually completed it doesn't really answer the question either. I do think, though, that a large part of the reasons why I managed to finish this is due to the specific circumstances in my real life which meant I had much more free time than usual (temporarily unemployed) and was in a stressful situation in which an ongoing, intricate project was an extremely useful distraction to have. So had this season occured a year ago or a year in the future, it's very likely I would not have responded the way I did?

I just watched "Resurrection", and I have to say it's pretty amazing. You took out almost all the horrid parts (Liam's death-by-grandma's-drama-powers, the bizarre Hera-kidnapping subplot, and most of the pointless Adama-emo and Tyrol-wibble... to say nothing of Daybreak!), yet it still tells a coherent story. I especially enjoyed your use of the music to tie everything together -- truth be told, Someone To Watch Over Me was the only episode I truly enjoyed after Blood On The Scales, so it's good to see it taking center-stage here.

The ending is a bit too abrupt and opaque for my taste, but it definitely works as a tone-poem sort of thing... and it's a lot better than what we actually got, that's for sure. It's not like the show left you many options, either, so I think you did a fine job of salvaging something worthwhile out of all the wreckage. :) It did leave me wondering what happened with Cavil & Co. in the end, though!

Thanks for posting it. I'd have never believed that this much good stuff could be scraped out of season 4.5!

Liam's death-by-grandma's-drama-powers

*laughs forever* Yes, indeed. I love how you phrased it.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and while I'd say, "the only episode I truly enjoyed after No Exit" I agree about STWoM being the only really good piece of later 4.5, which is why it's centre-stage here. Honestly, if not for that episode I would have just ended my canon with No Exit.

I do understand about the abrupt ending. As you know, it was almost impossible to do anything else so it seemed better to at least cobble together a tone-poem (good description) than simply fade to black after the resurgence of the Opera House visions. Ultimately, despite the fact that this is the "finale" I think it works best as simply another episode. While I have tried to cobble together a sense of partial closure for most story threads so as not to leave them on epic cliffhangers, I am essentially leaving them in media res.

Although not as dramatically as a show like the Sopranos. But certainly I don't intend to suggest that this is the end. In fact, I wanted to suggest the opposite. Given that I found the actual resolution to the show almost entirely unsatisfactory, I figured the best thing I could do was not shut down possibilities. This story continues. They still need to find a place to live, deal with Cavil and discover the truth behind the Opera House visions among other things.

I just wish there had been more footage to end it a bit less quickly! That's something that frustrates me too.

But I'm so glad you had a good time watching it.

Hello there. I wanted to toss you a comment because I checked out the last video. (Instead of going to sleep. Good on me) And I thought I'd comment because you clearly put a lot of work into and really churned out a very good piece of video.

There were a lot of things that I enjoyed about it, mainly the clarity about Daniel and the not-killing of baby Liam.

But one of the things that ended up happening to me while I was watching was that it reaffirmed just how much I did in fact, really like the BSG finale. I often feel like I'm in the minority because of that... I actually found the ending to this very jarring and left me with no sense of closure, which must have been difficult to obtain working with what you had and not really able to alter the major plot lines that much due to the found footage constraints.

Anyways, job well done. You should take a lot of pride in the work you've done here. And yay for Kara being half-cylon. Totally canon even if RDM doesn't think so.

Guh. Why did this post anonymously? I totally didn't mean to do that.

Any ideas what program would be best to play this? Won't be able to check it out until I get home tonight, but my computer reboot left me with just WMV and no codecs.

I'm really sorry, I'm not entirely sure. I encoded with Xvid which I believe will run if you have the divx stuff installed. My suggestion would be to install divx and if that doesn't let you play it in Windows Media Player then try VLC cus that plays just about EVERYTHING EVER? I know I have no trouble playing it in either VLC or WMP and I've never bothered installing fancy codec packs beyond divx on this computer (although it's entirely possibly I've just forgotten installing some codec pack or other.)

First, I want you to know that absolutely the first things I did yesterday morning were (1) make coffee, and (2) settle down to watch Battlestar Redactica. I've been looking forward to it *that much.* I kept subsequently getting thwarted in my attempts to finish watching both parts, but I finally managed it! It did not disappoint!


I just love the changes you made here. Throughout the whole thing, actually, the way you incorporated the flashbacks and used them to give meaning to what was happening onscreen was total genius, but I especially like the way you used Laura's to subvert the meaning the show wanted us to derive. <3 The way she disengaged from the world after her family's death tracks with the way she does so here after Earth, only in your version, that's a bad thing. At least, I think so. ;) Whereas in the original, turning away from "love" and going into politics was supposed to be Her Tragedy, I liked how you used it to undermine Adama/Roslin in the present. Yesss! The one thing I wasn't sure I understood correctly was the choice to end the episode with her throwing away her pills.

And THANK YOU for cutting the part of her speech about how Bill Adama might not like them anymore if the Cylons didn't help, because that was nonsensical.

Similarly, I really liked that you changed Baltar's flashback to make his guilt about abandoning his father and the consequences of that, and not about Adama, who I never believed he cared that much about. I really liked his memories of Caprica and her importance to him later, too.

Hera's cupcake projection redux was too awesome. :D


LIAM LIVES HOORAY! It's amazing how well that storyline plays backwards. Yaay for the fight in Dogsville causing the almost-miscarriage instead of the "clap your hands if you believe in robot fetuses" shtick. <3 And the bit with the Cylons on the Memorial Wall works much better after the funeral scene - I think I actually discussed that with some people at the time! :) I also liked the way Sam's brain-awakening preceded Kara's dream/vision about death, and that that led in to the funereal.

And you made Kara a Hybrid! Brilliant. :D

I'm on the side of leaving the finale open-ended, actually. I mean, you didn't have much choice, given the nature of your project, but I like that it ends in a moment of transition, leaving you with the sense that amazing things are just about to start happening. I think had that happened on the show, I would have been somewhat let down, but given that we were given answers and that they turned out to be so reductive, I'm so happy that a version exists where we don't know exactly what the Opera House means yet, only that it's important; we don't know what will happen in the Tigh/Ellen/Caprica/Baltar quadrangle, but we do get that quick glimpse of Caprica and Gaius and Liam; we get hints of things like Sam awakening and Nicky and Hera on Earth (and Nicky is a Hybrid! And Chief went back to him!).

I'm so grateful that you did this, because as much as I love fanfic, there's something about seeing it that makes it feel that much more "real." So to me, it feels like there's a viable other ending where so much possibility still exists, which is a real gift. Thank you.

I am soooooo happy you like it. Really, you have no idea. Getting to share my insanity with my friends is totally the best part. Thank you for such great feedback. So great, in fact, my response cannot be contained to a single comment!

Cutting the NUMEROUS points at which Roslin made things ALL ABOUT BILL in that storyline was totally cathartic, cus srsly, I had to make cuts to like, every scene practically, but I'm quite pleased with the way it mostly plays pretty smoothly (I hope). But yes, ABANDONING EVERYTHING FOR LURVE IS NOT GOOD.

I find it interesting that you still imprinted on the loss of her family; I deliberately cut that from the flashbacks as I felt it was melodramatic and unnecessary to the story at this late stage, and "it's been three months," could just as easily be since she broke up with a boyfriend or something, but I did wonder how many people would bring that knowledge with them to the fan-edit (which didn't worry my overly; I think it works fine with or without that as a motivation here). In fact, seeing what people bring from canon which isn't here is really interesting; I kind of want to meta about how it makes the canon I present here even more personalised or something, but eee, more feedback!

You aren't the only person to be a little confused by the pills at the end, which is probably the only thing people aren't quite picking up on that is in any way disappointing to me just because I kind of love it and thought it was the clearest thing I changed and thought things I changed that no one had any trouble with were unclear, but that's always the way.

She starts the mutiny arc refusing her treatments. During it, she cannot turn away from the needs of her people, but at the end, she is still profoundly hollow and broken, and, effectively, still passively suicidal. I in no way believe that her decision to enter politics was a mistake, but I think that Laura looking back at her decision to see it through "all the way to the end," and now looking at exactly what that "end" has wrought...well I think that she might very well be thinking she frakked everything up. Effectively, despite everything and despite proving that she is still amazing when the chips are down; still can't help but step up when she needs to, she's still in the same emotional place she was when she told Adama to "just leave" as she burned her scriptures. Which is a horrifyingly depressing place to leave her, but at least still feels, to me, like a Laura I recognise; a Laura I love; one with agency, making choices, and remembering/always understanding that running off with a guy has never been the right solution for her?

Also yay for Gaius flashbacks! I agree it seemed so weird he was the one worried about Adama. I also liked the chance to sneak in the groundwork for the Caprica/Gaius/Ellen/Tigh quadrangle just was a nice way of showing he a) is growing instead of being told he is, and b) have him remember Caprica exists before it's time to happy-ending him off even though there's no footage of them together.

Directed here by par_avion. Have downloaded both of your eps with anticipatory delight in storage against the day when I actually have the emotional stamina to finish the series, so I have no substantive feedback whatsoever to offer. But I did want to say: thank you. Because, well, thanks are clearly in order.

You are very, very, very welcome. Thanks for letting me know you find the project interesting and I hope you enjoy them. :)

Wow, that was a very ambitious attempt at repairing all the things that went wrong with the final 10 episodes of BSG! I also have the urge to fan-edit the end of the series into something more emotionally fulfilling but as of now I have no idea what software (for Mac) I need to do this.

Unlike you, however, I didn't have a huge issue with the final episode (except for the 20,000 years later part). My problem was that all the episodes that lead up to the finale made you believe they were going in a much different direction. Baltar arming his cult, Six being pregnant, the introduction of Daniel all seemed to be huge developments that ultimately went nowhere. I really like the way you tried to bring resolution to the Daniel issue. Of course he was Kara's father! Who else would he be?

In my envisioned fan-edit I would go all the way back to Guess What's Coming to Dinner because that's where the trouble really started. I would turn Guess What's Coming to Dinner, Sine Qua Non, and Resurrection Hub into one 2 hour movie with the events of Sine Qua Non and Resurrection Hub playing side by side rather than as one episode flashing back to the other. By starting at this point I can remove Six's pregnancy completely and also get rid of the whole Lee/Romo/Romo's invisible cat subplot which was one of the worst things in season 4.

I would then edit season 4.5 into 2 two-hour movies plus a relatively unaltered Daybreak. I feel that if I am able to remove all the dead ends and plot holes that the finale will make more sense. Like the previous episodes were actually leading up to it. I would remove any mention of Daniel, and have Baltar never return to his cult after the mutiny.

Anywho, I have large aspirations. I plan to give it a go over the summer. I can't believe how fast you were able to put this together. Great job!

Hi! Well, I'm all for as many people making revised versions because, well, I think that'd be a great way to reclaim things.

I'm afraid I can't help you with Mac information since I use a PC, though.

We both agree that a major problem with Daybreak was that it didn't follow on from what came before. I guess the difference is that you feel that 4.5 should have lead into Daybreak while I feel that Daybreak was a terrible ending for 4.5?

I really didn't think there was that much wrong with Guess What's Coming to Dinner through the Hub. Though this is perhaps because I managed to break my brain to a point that I now LOVE Sine Qua Non for it's...sheer ludicrousness.

I understand the theory that removing the dead ends will make Daybreak seem better in context and I think you're right, it would if I didn't have a problem with the premise of many of the story points. I felt that the answer "God did it," was pat, uninteresting and the opposite of ambiguous, and I say that as someone who has always loved the mystical elements of the show. But the Opera House felt slapped together as a literal rehearsal for events that had nothing to do with any of the participants with "God did it," slapped on as a bandaid. Not to mention my problems with the fact that Baltar's religion, which he invented entirely so that he would not have to feel bad about having unwittingly abetted genocide, was proven right, and that the way they filmed Tory's death, and the treatment of Chief after it was one of the most disturbing and unfortunate sequences I've seen in a good while on a TV show that purports to be in any way feminist. And I was roundly disappointed that the implication from the text and RDM's interviews was that Hera was a fluke of God's will rather than the start of a techno-biological revolution which I felt undercut many of the more interesting themes of the show.

But I apologise - I do not intend to rant, nor do I in any way want to make you feel defensive. I guess I just want to explain why I feel that while your method would certainly create a much smoother arc, I also feel it would do so at the expense of some of the few interesting things in the season?

However, something that fascinates me about 4.5 is the way that so many people are disatisfied with it for SO many reasons. My reasons are not your reasons are not the reasons of a Kara/Lee shipper or...a hundred other permutations of that. And frankly, we all deserve our endings, and the wonders of modern technology means that we can all create them.

I wish you every luck in your endeavour and when you finish, please drop by here and leave a link - even if it's not the direction I would have taken, I would be extremely interested to see it and to see whether it affects my view of the finale.

Thanks again for your comment!

This looks amazing. Through sheer serendipity I have a MU premium account for this month only, so I'm able to get the whole thing. I won't be able to watch it for awhile (hair on fire busy till Tuesday) so I have no substantive comments to offer. But I *can* offer to seed a torrent version for you if you like (my upload is more like a Volvo than a Ferrari, but it might do for those who are hitting the streaming wall.)

Wow, THANK YOU! I mean that, that is incredibly generous and deeply appreciated. I know very little about torrents, but if you would be willing to seed them that would be fantastic and amazing and I would also try to help seed it as often as I could with my shoddy connection (more like...what's a lot worse than a Volvo? But better than nothing.)

I would want to seed the versions available here for download (so the easiest way for you to get them is probably just to use the above links) but frankly, I'm not sure how one goes about creating a torrent or where to upload it. If you know how, please feel free to do so and then post the torrents in a comment here so I can start trying to seed and put a link in the above post. Otherwise, if you could let me know your preference that I head out into the wilderness and try to figure out how the thing is done, I will, and I'm sure many hilarious internet adventures will ensue! ;)

Thank you again, so, so much. Just let me know what you want me to do to make this happen smoothly!

Woah...I'm not entirely sure where to begin with this, it's astonishing that you put this together. I think I love it like pie, or possibly like the reasons I started watching BSG to begin with for something less random.


Yes, definitely the Good Bits version. :) The flashbacks threw me at first for being unexpected, but while thinking about it I decided I really do like the character tie-in for both Baltar and Roslin. Particularly the reclamation of Laura being awesome and using the flashbacks to frame her breakdown from her perspective. I'd be interested to hear a bit more about why you chose to end it with the pills. Even though I LIKE it because it feels like a decisive choice, I'm not quite sure what choice it's signifying? But with Gaius', I particularly like how much more reflective they made him seem, as if the changes might start to stick this time. It made more sense to flow into Resurrection, though like everyone else, he doesn't finish his journey at the end of that (which I LOVE, but I'm getting ahead of myself).

Also, for one delirious moment when I noticed the use of flashbacks, I thought you might be going to keep Baltar's dream/vision of Adama in the airlock and KILL BILL ADAMA. never made sense why Baltar would have that connection and use that as his catalyst for personal growth (sort of?), and obviously it would have made Resurrection about 5 minutes long and nonsensical, but whatever. The thought was fun, since obviously I didn't find chucking him off the cliff in the Marry, Shag, Cliff meme nearly therapeutic enough.


I had such a hard time getting to this, because it was awfully hard for me to separate it from the less than fantastic bits of canon, so I kept restarting. It was more than worth it though, the point where I decided I absolutely LOVED where you were going with this was fairly early on when Kara's sitting with Sam and the piano picks up in the background as she lightly fingers the notes on his arm. Or that's what I read, I went and watched the original scene to check, and well..brilliant editing is brilliant. It's such a great lead in to Cylonic destinies, visions, and hybridity I can't even say. As is framing it through the song and her interactions with Head!Dad/Daniel in the first place. That was probably my favorite part of 4.5's back half and the only bit I must have rewatched 20+ times back when I thought it was leading up to Kara as hybrid. So yay for that! :D And also Liam alive (!!!!) with a slightly less destructive New Quad'O Doom, especially Ellen. The scene of her confronting Caprica in her and Tigh's quarters reads much more open and hopeful. Bonus points for Chief, Boomer, and Adama (touching the picture of the Eight) continuing both the theme of societal blending AND personal forgiveness that was dropped so hard in 4.5. The memorial wall works so much better placed after the funeral, I have no issues with that scene anymore.

I do feel a little lost not having a definite ending, but BSG has always been for me the show I love best when they're talking about possibilities. And Sam's speech on perfection and creation joining the Opera House vision (with hybrid kids!*g*) is as perfect of an ending as I could hope for with that. Especially with the Shape of Things to come as a sort of trailer for the crazy hijicks this new blended society is going to get up to. And since I'm a insane Sam fan for reasons only partially related to my slightly embarassing crush on him, I particularly liked the quick flash of him and Kara at the bar (reminiscing?). I'll also say that the 4th wall break is less painful when it's about human progress and evolvotion than "OMG, they'll kill us all!" while still being enough of a link to us as part of the cycle to make me happy.

So, essay done and I really did love this. It's amazing what was more awesome just by editing!

Hi! First of all thank you for taking the time to put together such thoughtful feedback - it really made my day to get such a long comment and I hope I can offer good answers to all your questions.


I'm really glad you enjoyed the flashbacks, particularly with Roslin. Those episode were so good in so many ways but so...painful with regards to Roslin, one of the main reasons I wanted to do those episodes over was to try and put more of, well, more of her in her own breakdown. So hearing that it worked is so gratifying. As is hearing that the Baltar flashbacks also work to differetiate this from all the other times he's recanted and decided for three minutes that he wants to change.

I ended on the pills for a few reasons. Since I excised the romantic subplot in favour of her, essentially, turning away from that subplot as pitted against her memories of the young, hot dude, I needed some sort of conclusion to the ark after the mutiny was over and clearly running into Adama's arms and kissing wasn't going to cut it. Also, the way the flashbacks worked, I felt showed her considering her entry into this job versus where she's ended up. When crunch time came, she was herself, and she rose to the occasion. It could very easily be read, within the mutiny itself, that this crisis "fixed" her and that she regained her, um, political mojo. But while the "I NEVER WANT HER TO HURT EVER," fangirl in me would love that to be true, it was both necessary for her characterisation in the later episodes when she's still handing over power to Lee and not having treatment, and I thought, perhaps truer to the real depth of the destruction of her trust in herself post-Earth, that she isn't fixed.

And essentially that's what that scene is about. She is staring at her pills, trying to make herself take them, get back on the horse, do her job, be okay again. But she can't. She's not fixed. She ignores Bill's call and throws them into the trashcan. I also felt it was a powerful endpoint since really it's the last time the canon of the series gives us Laura's breakdown from her own standpoint and it's a scene I find breathtaking in terms of Mary McDonnell's acting. So that's the other selfish reason we end on it.

I WISH I HAD KILLED ADAMA. Believe me, the thought did cross my mind (as did the idea to put it in the "Shape of Things to Come" trailer but I thought that would be kinda petty considering the tone!). Unfortunately, as you say, it would have pretty much screwed the rest of the fan edit cus I can't really cut around Adama for the rest of the series much as I'd like to. ;) Plus even I'd be bothered if he died and not even TIGH shed a tear. Though I totally wouldn't... :p


I understand completely about the difficulty in separating it from canon. It was very hard to rewatch some of the scenes I had to rewatch even though I knew I was only watching them to cut them into pieces and make them okay again. But thank you for persevering and I'm glad it was worth it.

I blogged about your production and wanted to let you know I did that! (I commented elsewhere here under my fan identity, but now I'm being all my RL self.) I avoided spoilery things and did my best to be all factual. Do let me know if I've misrepresented you or if you object to being profiled. (I don't have a huge readership so it won't be like, OMG WHO ARE THESE RANDOM PEOPLE, but, well, heads up.)

Also, in the blog post, I say you are a she. If this isn't the case, or if you prefer some other term, let me know and I will fix it. (I'm just making unwarranted gender assumptions here...)

I originally replied in the linked post, but have included my reply here for archival purposes.

Thank you so much for letting me know about this! I read and very much enjoyed your article. I am indeed a she and I neither object to being profiled nor feel that you have misrepresented me in any way. :)

In fact I'm very touched to read such a thoughtful response, very honoured to be compared to The Hunt for Gollum (I agree with everything you so eloquently say about the differences between the projects, though I'm not sure I'd class this as a high profile project; certainly not to the degree that Gollum is!), and thrilled that you enjoyed the changes I made. It's also great to know that you enjoyed the various additional context posts on this LJ. I mean, quite honestly, I'm a list-maker and loved typing it all up just for myself, but it's nice to know it added something to the experience for someone else.

The only thing I feel the need to comment on is your assertion that longer fan edits are rarer than shorter YouTube projects. This is actually true. But - and you may already be aware of this - there is a subsection of fandom dedicated to them.

It's not somewhere I hang out that much mainly because I think that their sensibilities and fannish community is very different to mine; as you aptly point out in your essay, my project is firmly rooted in the context of not only the original canon but also my community. And this one is more based around standalone movies with a far stronger focus on technical image/sound quality, not to mention the aesthetic of the community in terms of the changes they make to the films are often not in line with mine. So I keep tabs on it but don't end up interested in as many of the movies as I wish I were.

In terms of your call for information on fan productions, I'm afraid I don't know of any current projects (because, well, I'm not part of that community!) But - and again you're probably aware of these already - Star Wars has quite a large number of "iconic" fan produced live-action vids. Two I'd particularly recommed are:

The Dark Redemption.

It's fairly noteworthy for being a project similar in scope to Gollum in terms of adding story content, using well-established Star Wars (Expanded) Universe characters, and having amazing production values for a fan project released in 1999. In addition, an actual minor SW actor reprises a role as an Imperial Officer, and if you've ever seen Farscape, the actor who plays Durka in it is...essentially here playing Durka again.

More recently, Reign of the Fallen was released which is a mini movie set at some point in (I think) Star Wars' distant past and thus is extremely standalone, but has - like Gollum extremely high production values and is part of the current trend of the increasing professionalisation of fan productions.

Thank you again for such a thoughtful essay.

Great job!

You did a great job here and, on the behalf of those who the original finale left a bitter taste in their mouths, I give you a salute.

Mutiny: I love how you mix the three episodes together into a bloody epic featuring Roslin's gradual personal breakdown while clinging onto her ability to take charge in situations like the mutiny, Tyrol's guilt brought on by the loss of Cally and maybe not focusing on his child as much as he should have(that's how I see it), and Baltar's realization that he needs to be less selfish and more happy about the "simple creature comforts" he was given while being with the cult the way his father was happy with the comforts he was given in the new retirement home Caprica sent him to. Your use of flashbacks from Daybreak was great and really gave us a window into the characters' emotional mindsets.

Resurrection: Better than Daybreak in my opinion. No, it wasn't action-packed. It didn't have a major battle between humans and Cylons. No, it didn't answer all the major questions of the series (and how can you with the limited footage you have). But it was a quiet, introspective finale and watching it gave me a peaceful feeling of resolution. You let Caprica's baby live and have Ellen start to come around to it or at least leave open the possibility that she will. You gave Tyrol the happy ending I wanted so desperately for him to have after all the crap he's been through. You made Sharon good and pure in her intentions to take Ellen to the Colonial fleet instead of being a lying, manipulative traitor who screws Tyrol over once again. The final scene of them together in the finale was perfect. And the tunnel of images including the shot about the robots and humanity's progression over the years you ended the finale with was just beautiful with a sense of wonder about the future without making it feel like a cliffhanger.

Thank you. Thank you for sharing with us the work you created. I only wished you were one of the people writing the show's final episodes.

Thank you so much! This is such a wonderful comment to get and thank you so much for taking the time to leave it. It's really fantastic and gratifying to hear all the things you took away from it which was pretty much exactly what I intended. I'm particularly pleased to hear that the flashbacks worked in the context of the mutiny episodes. I thought much in that story arc was wonderful but hated what it did to certain characters (primarily Laura) and it's incredibly nice to hear that it works to show a more nuanced approach to her conflicting desire to give up and save everyone. I'm not sure I would have explained Baltar's storyline in precisely the terms you did - i.e. comparing the "creature comforts" but I can certainly see it that way and it's not even really all that different to my actual (and vaguer) intention, which was definitely to draw a parallel between his father before the apocalypse and how Baltar walked away from him, and the cultists now. Finally, regarding Tyrol, yes, footage meant that it was difficult to have him in many scenes with Nicky but I deliberately went for a slightly somber and concerned tone - Chief is having difficulty coping.

As to Resurrection, again I could not ask for nicer comments. As you say, it's not action packed, but I'm so glad you at least felt I was able to send off the characters in an appropriate way. I loved Tyrol in the earlier seasons, and he had the capacity to be so interesting, but instead, somehow, he got lost along the way - this weird central figure in a strange, brutal and fairly sexist dance of his serial girlfriends who are all whores, cheaters or traitors and who all kill each other in turn. I really wanted to provide a kinder ending there both for Chief and for Boomer, and I was so moved by her original decision to turn against Cavil and free Ellen that it seemed a good opportunity to pull them both out of storylines I didn't like. Similarly I was always really dissatisfied with the way the Tighs and Caprica worked out that situation - it was a chance for some really interesting and difficult character growth but instead we got the cheap choice of having Ellen return to her soap opera ways and passing off Caprica to Baltar as some kind of practically offscreen reward

(I actually always liked the Caprica/Baltar relationship and spent a fair amount of time trying to see if I could work out a way to keep some of their later scenes in the edit, but couldn't - I just didn't particularly like the overtones of how they finally got together and would rather have seen Baltar slowly entering into the sphere of Caprica and the Tighs had the series continued).

As you say, there was no way to provide closure on everything, and I in no way consider the following link to be "necessary" or the "correct" interpretation of the fan edits, but if you were curious as to my own interpretations of some of the Opera House in the context of Battlestar Redactica - I wrote that up here:

Finally, I'm very glad you appreciated the ending. I was actually always concerned that everyone who wasn't me would find it confusing rather than a tonal send-off to the series, so thank you again for your kind words and taking the time to leave them. You really made my day.


I came back to re:dl your version of the finale since I lost it when I switched laptops and saw that the LONG comment I made back in early 2010 never posted! I'm so, SO sorry about that.

I just want to say that I think this is completely BRILLIANT! It must've been such a tremendous undertaking and I can't even imagine the kind of work that went into this! Just...*massive applause*

I absolutely loved the majority of the changes you made to the canon. Letting Liam live, letting Tory live, letting Sam come back from his coma, letting Daniel be Kara's father so Kara was the first hybrid, letting Nicky still be important to the plot, not to mention all the crap you got rid of like Hera's kidnapping and Bill + Tyrol's never-ending emo. And I kinda love that your ending is so open-ended. I love the idea that there was so much more to come for these characters and that their stories were far from over.

Thank you so very, VERY much for putting this project together and sharing it with all of us! :)

Hello there. I was hoping the videos could be reuplaoded again, now that megaupload has been shut down.

Yeah I'd like to but I'm not sure where to do it. YouTube picks up on it and mutes it due to copyright issues straight away (at least it did when I originally released this). Also I'd probably need to break it up into segments as size is an issue for most filehosts now and length is an issue for video streaming and I'm just not really familiar with a good place to do this from.

Perhaps mediafire for hosting? But streaming would still be an issue. Any suggestions welcome.

I wanted to say a (very belated) thank you for the DVD ... which I still haven't watched. I was so incredibly angry about the way the show ended I haven't been able to revisit it. My anger has cooled a bit, though, so I'm hoping to attempt watching it soon.

In following the above link to the fanedit site I discovered that someone has (Jul 2013) re-edited the BSG finale. I haven't DLed but thought you might be interested.

Hey, you'r totally welcome. :) Honestly it was an angry reaction and in some ways, years later, I can tell. I still really like the ideas in terms of how I structured this, but wish I'd done it later, when I had DVD quality source and 5.1 audio; could have done some smoother stuff. Spent some more time on the final ending montage which I was never particularly happy with. was an interesting experience, and I don't think, now, I'd have the emotional investment or patience to do it.

Man this finale screwed us all over in one way or another, right?

Thank you for the link to the other fan edit. I used to keep up with that site but haven't in a long time. It's fascinating that while it only approached the finale, and so the changes aren't so wide-ranging (though are certainly better at providing an actual ending!), it did seem to have a number of the same ideas I did (keeping God's involvement more oblique, keeping the integrity of the Opera House, even if they went about it in a more literal way that I don't think I'd have liked if it aired, and, of course, Kara as a hybrid). I like to think that supports the ideas I had as...well, sensible, I guess?

Anyway, very interesting to read about the changes they made and their approach. I hope I have the emotional fortitude to watch it but we'll see... Like you, I'm not without residual issues. ;)

Torrent is up!

I have taken the liberty to upload your project to the biggest public torrent website on the galaxy (and pointed the credits here of course), just so you know!

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